Gynecomastia A Shame You Don’t Have To Live With

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All human beings wish to be attractive to one another. It is a basic need in life. It is harder for some to attain than others. Physical deformations and syndromes can be the cause of many a person’s low self-esteem and self-image problems. Whether a condition is benign or not, the physical symptoms are very real to those suffering.

We talk today about man boobs. It is a condition in which the male breast tissue under goes a radical and sometimes sudden enlargement. It may sound laughable but to put it indelicately, some men have man boobs, and it is not a matter of simply being obese, though that does contribute. All men develop defined pectorals as part of puberty, but over half of all men develop some amount of extra breast tissue during puberty.

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Although the problem is benign in most cases, it can be socially devastating. People can be cruel and pointing and laughing is the least of the issue. Men with Gynecomastia can suffer depression from low body image and low self-esteem. This depression can impact the entirety of a man’s life, even causing dangerous and suicidal thoughts. At first glance this is not a serious problem, but in this body image driven cultural it can become a devastating problem for a man quite quickly.

Man Boob Surgery For Men with Gynecomastia

Physically the condition is usually harmless to a man, but it can be a sign of a much more serious problem. Gynecomastia is essentially caused by a drop in testosterone levels. This drop occurs naturally at puberty. If developing at other times outside of puberty, it can be a direct symptom of testicular cancer, other forms of cancer, cirrhosis, kidney failure, mal nutrition, and even medication side effects.

Luckily there is hope. A procedure known as Gynecomastia Surgery  is now available to sever cases that cannot be treated through more less invasive means. The surgery consists of removing the excess fatty tissue forming the male breast.

This is achieved a few different ways, but is usually done through liposuctions like process (this means inserting a tube and filling the area with a numbing agent then sucking the tissue out). It can also be done in more extreme cases by making an incision and cutting the excess fatty tissue out surgically. In most cases the treatment can be permanent, and pretty mildly invasive.

For more information, contact Dr. Miguel Delgado, for Gynecomastia Surgery in San Francisco, CA, with years and hundreds of successful cases experience.  Dr-Delgado runs a clinic in Marin County, California.

Most men who undergo the procedure are back to work within a week (two weeks in some cases) with flatter and more attractive chests and pecks. A surgical brace must be worn at all times for about two weeks and exercise should be avoided for that first two weeks. The result is a man with more confidence, and nothing more to worry about. Gynecomastia Surgery (man boob surgery) can help alleviate the social anxiety that you suffer, as well as create a body you can be proud of. Research a board certified plastic surgeon near you for more information.

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